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Miki Roadside Station

This station on Route 175 near Horseland Park, is made of wood and is said to be shaped like an eagle opening its wings. The eagle often made of metal tools and displayed at events is another symbol of Miki.
The station has a restaurant and gift shop on the first floor and a shop showcasing Miki hardware tools on the second floor. A knife-sharpening service and a vegetable market are also located here. Many drivers enjoy a well-deserved rest and enjoy the riches of Miki on their way to their distant destinations.

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Open: 9am-5pm
Closed: Tuesdays and over the New Years Break
Tel: 0794 82 7050
Fax: 0794 82 3430
MIki Hardware Museum

This museum was established in 1976. It has many valuable data and products concerning to hardware, and displays these for visitors. Visitors can see how to make tools in old days and imagine the old days when craftsmen, blacksmiths of village, worked hard using tools.

5-43, Uenomaru-cho,Miki-shi, 673-0432
Tel 0794-83-1780 Fax 0794-83-7130
open 9:00 - 16:00
Closed: Monday and Holidays
from December 28 to January 3