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Nothing can be here but a rice field.
The sun is shining through water in the field.
Frogs' loud chorus.
Green ocean is swelling by the wind.
And autumn, the harvest season.
A head of the rice is hanging down with brightness.
Softly covered with the head, a large grained white rice attracts people by its brightness.
Getting out of Rokko mountain, there is a field of "YAMADANISHIKI" regarded as a special sake rice.
Clayey soil, having a much different temperature between the daytime and nighttime.
With such nature, good rice for liquor, sake, is produced in Yokawa. What is more, it shoud be admired that people have been protecting the rice from wind and water disasters and making efforts for appropriate cultivation and its improvement.
YAMADANISHIK is famous for the best sake rice, which brewers yearn for.