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Traditional handicraft Bansyu-Miki-Uchi-Hamono

"Saw" is a tool indispensable to cut wood and to process products of wood .

"Chisel" is a tool indispensable to make a hole, to make a sculpture, and to curve and process products of wood.

"Plane" is a tool to slice a board, a rectangular timber and to make a plank flat and smooth.

"Trowel" is a tool to knead soil and clay, and to paste and spread them on walls and floors.

Pen Knife
"Pen Knife" is a tool to curve,sharpen and cut wood and process curve products of wood.


The Miki Saws used in the "National Ceremony for Trees and Forests."
"National Ceremony for Trees and Forests" is held in a certain place in Japan every year and the people attend there to take a look after the trees which were planted on the Arbor Day beforehand and do something to take care of them if necessary. the main stage is the ceremony for taking care of these trees done by the hands of His Highness the Crown Prince.
The saw made in Miki has been used each year in this ceremony since the 25th National Ceremony for Trees and Forests in 2001.

Eagle made of Hardware
"Eagle made of Hardware" is made up of 3,329 items of metallic tools ranging from saws, kitchen knives, pockets knives to hatchets. It weighs 1.5 tons and its size is 3.2 meters tall with two wings of 5 meters long. It always makes people surprise with this big and dignified feature.