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Old and New of Miki

Miki - Old and New
The earliest residents of Miki who arrived more than 1300 years ago lived along the banks of the Minogawa River, a vital source of water for crop irrigation. At the end of the 16th Century, Nagaharu Bessho became lord of the area. Locals began to build their homes close to his castle, and from there the town steadily grew.

In 1580, after defeating Bessho, Hideyoshi Hashiba ? later known as Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the Unifer of Japan, exempted the people of Miki from paying taxes to facilitate its rebuilding and transition into a hardware-manufacturing town.

In 1954, Miki declared itself a city after the four main towns amalgamated under a single local government. And Miki enlarged its size by merging with Yokawa in 2005.Today Miki boasts many attractive facilities that promote cultural, social, and recreational activities such as Horse Land Park, Mikiyama Forest Park, Greenpia Miki, and the Yamada-Nishiki-no-sato.
Summer Festival
Held along the Minogawa River, spectacular fireworks, people dressed in colourful summer kimono known as yukata, and a myriad of small night stalls are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The Minogawa River is an excellent place to view many of the celebrations associated with the changes of seasons in Japan.
Golf Courses
Miki City has 25 golf courses. All courses have excellent greens and facilities, but Hirono Golf Club in particular is renowned as one of the most distinguished in Japan and is home to a small Golf in Japan museum.
Miki Marathon
Completing rather than competing is the spirit in which this event is run. Held annually on the second Sunday in March this hill course through Miki-yama Forest Park offers an opportunity to challenge yourself or to enjoy some exercise and fresh air with friends and family.
Miki Hardware Festival
The Miki Hardware Festival held on the first weekend in November attracts over 160,000 people from throughout the country. Local craftsmen exhibit and sell their wares, a fusion of traditional and modern technology.
Miki Hardware was born from traditional and modern technology. Miki is well known to all of Japan as one of the oldest towns of blacksmiths. Its hardware makes us remind of the pride of the craftsmen to their tradition.
Miki-the Sake
This special sake brand, sharing the same phonetic sound as our city, is made from locally grown Yamadanishiki rice. Miki Sake along with many other brands of sake is brewed in here.