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Basic Plan 1

Our Citizens
A mature community with diversified values living together with people from abroad typifies who we are. The people of Miki place higher value on spiritual rather than financial wealth and take an active role in community and city affairs.
Community Involvement in Local Government
Community development requires community participation and support to be useful and successful. We are therefore committed to ensuring all citizens including women, the aged, the physically and mentally impaired, foreign residents and children take an active role in policy formation and implementation.
Community Cohesiveness
In order to continue to develop a close community environment, characterized by warmth and sharing, mutual support networks have been established. Community centers, the hub of local activity, support community leadership development, social interaction and cultural exchange.
Human Rights
In our efforts to develop a community where human rights are respected and issues addressed, we promote human rights education. We acknowledge the need to raise the level of awareness about the importance of human rights. Making "respect for human rights in our community" one of our main principles is a step in this direction.
Inter City and International Exchange
We promote and welcome exchanges with people from other cities and regions both within Japan and abroad. We also promote international understanding through education, government services for our foreign residents, and exchanges with our city sister, Visalia, in California, USA.