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Basic Plan 2

A Safe and Comfortable Community
The fundamental principles of safety and comfort are the bases for our policy to ensure all citizens live with peace of mind. Improving the urban infrastructure, the environment in harmony with nature, and fostering the unique character of each community are important components of this.
Natural Environment
As outlined in the Miki City General Environmental Plan, we endeavor to use land in harmony with nature, restoring and protecting our natural environment especially in our rural neighborhoods.

We are also committed to the decline and elimination of environmental problems such as pollution and global warming.
Road Network
Providing ease of access into and out of Miki for locals and tourists is important for both the local economy and cultural exchange. North-South routes provide access to coastal Hyogo while East-West routes ease inner city congestion and provide access to the neighboring large cities of Kobe and Himeji. Maintaining and improving the local road network is of high importance.

Miki is conveniently connected to greater Japan via the Sanyo Expressway.
Public Transportation Integration
In consultation with railway and bus service companies, we will examine plans to promote the effective use and integration of public transportation within and outside of Miki.
Parks and Reserves
In co-operation with our citizens we have created a variety of recreational parks and nature reserves, while improving and maintaining the existing ones.
Improvement of Urban and Rural Neighborhoods
In order to facilitate the establishment of orderly urban areas, we pursue urban infrastructure improvements through land use reforming projects and other efforts involving citizen participation. We also promote residential areas to ensure a safe and comfortable urban environment. Furthermore, we endeavor to preserve the nature landscape while improving the residential environment.
Urban Rural Neighborhoods
Water Management
Our image as a clean green city is bolstered by our commitment to the continued supply of safe, fresh, drinking water. Our water management system includes the maintenance of public sewers, management of agricultural wastewater collection, treatment and purification.

Dondo Dam Site
We strive to create comfortable and clean housing and to provide a sufficient supply of homes for our residents.
Disaster Prevention
Our policies range from major to minor disaster prevention and encompass:
  • afforestation
  • flood control
  • earthquake prevention - utilization and linking of the Miki Earthquake Memorial Park with regional disaster networks
  • fire fighting services
  • emergency services
  • improving traffic safety
  • crime prevention services.
At the community interface we support:
  • voluntary disaster prevention groups and organizations
  • prevention and intervention education