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Basic Plan 4

Education and Community Spirit
In Miki we pride ourselves on providing excellent education, promoting culture, arts, and sports in order to grow our community spirit. This spirit or cohesiveness allows all of our citizens to live life to the fullest.
School Education
Our education system promotes direct contact with nature and society. Fostering the "power of life", we aim to instill in our young people, respect, warmth, caring and appreciation for others and themselves.

Lifelong Learning
We plan to improve the ease of access to and information about library services, community events, and community centers so all citizens have the opportunity fulfill their learning needs.

Micky Marathon
Family Education
Pre- and post- natal education classes, information resources, and counseling are only some of the resources available to young families. As a community we also provide health and welfare education to our young people.
Culture and Art
We are proud of and support our local traditional arts and crafts. We also proudly nurture new and developing cultural and artistic endeavors.