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Basic Plan 5

Building a Health Vibrant Community
We want to sustain the health of our communities that value warmth, caring and sharing relationships, and vibrant lives. The stars that grace our stage are all local citizens. I don't understand the last sentence.

Health and Medical Care
Health education, timely consultations, and check-ups are important goals of maintaining and improving the health of our citizens. Co-ordination of public, primary and secondary health care, and social welfare agencies is a vital component of this goal.
We are currently working towards improving the emergency medical system, as well as city hospital treatment facilities and equipment.
Welfare Services
By improving care-giver services, parent-child family support, counseling services, nursery school services, and support for people with mental and physical disabilities, we are working towards a community where every citizen is self-reliant.
Environmental Hygiene and Waste Disposal
We are working with citizens to promote recycling, garbage separation, and environmental beautification and preservation.
Culture and Art
We are proud of and support our local traditional arts and crafts. We also proudly nurture new and developing cultural and artistic endeavors.