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Annual Festivals & Events

Date Events Place
January 9,10,11 Ebisu Festival Fortune Praying Festival for Merchants Otsuka Ebisu Shrine
17 Annual Memorial Ceremony for Lord Bessho. Unryi-ji Temple
The third Sunday Oni-oi Shiki (chasing out of goblins) Omiya Hachiman Shrine ・Getsurin-ji Temple
February The first Sunday Tsuina-Shiki (sacred Ceremony) Rengeji-Temple
11 Oyumi-shinji (sacred ceremony with big bow and arrows) Misaka Shrine
17 Story telling of the Miki Battles Hokai-ji Temple
The second Sunday "Tatara" Iron and Steel Manufacturing Kanamono Shrine
March The second Sunday Miki Marathon Miki-yama
April The second Sunday Syoten-sai (purifying ceremony by goblins) Kongo-ji Temple
Cherry Blossom Viewing River Minogawa
April and May Strawberry Picking Mizuho Strawberry Orchard for Tourists
April till July Hikari-mo (self-lighted moss) Shijimin-no-Iwamuro-Cave
May 5 Spring Festival for Bessho Nagaharu The Ruins of Miki Castle
River Festival River Minogawa
May till November Saturday Saturday Morning Market The parking lot of Mikishi-Bunka-kaikan
July 18 Gimin Festival in Summer (memorial service for heros) Honyo-ji Temple
August 1 Summer Festival River Minogawa
23,24 Mando-e (candle service for ancesters) Gaya-in temple
Early August till late September Grape Picking Grape Orchard for Tourists
October 10 Bonfire Ritual in Gaya-in Gaya-in Temple
The first Sunday Yahoo Festival Wakamiya shrine
The second Saturday, Sunday Miki Autumn Harvest Festival Iwatsubo Shrine
The third Saturday, Sunday Omiya Hachiman Shrine
November 3 Fuigo Festival (crafting metals with bellows) Kanamono shrine
The first Saturday, Sunday Miki Hardware Festival Around Miki city hall
The second Sunday Poet, Seika Festival Hosokawa-cho,momozu
December 8 Gimin(heroes) Festival in Winter Honcyo-ji Temple
The first Sunday of every month The Traditional Rite of Crafting Metal Kanamono Shrine