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Interest Spots

Miki Rail-Bus Company
Covering 6.6kms between Miki and Yakujin in Kakogawa this line runs along the paddy fields of Bessho and is especially beautiful during summer. The Miki Line was rebuilt in 1985 after the Nippon National Railway abandoned it.
Dondo Dam Site
The dam was finished in 1986 and supplies water to Miki, Kobe, and other towns in Higashi Harima. Surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, there are many walking tracks, fishing spots and a cycling track for enthusiasts. For the less inclined, Dondo Dam is a place to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.
Misaka Syphon Bridge (the Spectacles Bridge)
British Major General Palmer designed this bridge 110 years ago. Of advanced design for its time, the bridge still transports water for irrigation from the hills across the valley to the rice paddies.
Cherry Blossom Viewing
During Spring when the Cherry Trees lining the banks of the Minogawa River are in bloom, this beautiful area is a great place to enjoy one of Japan’s traditional past times. At night the blossoms are reflected in the river, dimly lit by the bonbori lanterns and lights of the town, it producing a calming effect.
Kurotaki-waterfall is upper Mino river running through the verdurous hills. It is streaming down from on big unusual pavement-like rock. This waterfall has an old fairly tale.